The Ryan Real Estate Group takes great care in representing their clients and providing unmatched customer service.  Whether looking to purchase or sell your personal home or adding to your investment portfolio, take a look at what some of our current clients are saying . . .

~Over the past two years, we have had the pleasure of working with Jim as we have begun the process of investing in rental properties.  After finally coming to our senses and realizing the value in becoming a real estate investor, we were fortunate to come in contact with Jim at a Real Estate investor meeting.  We have found Jim to be professional, a great educator, a person of integrity and fun to be around.  Jim has really taught us investor 101 in a step by step process.  Jim has guided us in defining our criteria for investing and then instructed us on how to go through the purchase process, help with the rehabbing or repairing properties, assistance in staging and finding tenants and finally support with property management.  Jim has a great knowledge of the market and a strong network of professionals to draw upon when needed.  Everyone he has referred has been competent and cost effective.  Jim thinks long term and has helped us make the right decision for ourselves, even when it works to his short term disadvantage.  It is rare to find this quality in business people today.  As you can see, we highly recommend Jim's services to anyone looking for a property or needing assistance with real estate investment.  ~Troy and Lisa

~I relocated to Texas from Connecticut with my wife and two young children.  We met with several other realtors but were impressed by Jim's knowledge of the Metroplex area, professionalism, and laid-back personality.  All moves are stressful, but we were really under pressure to sell our home in Connecticut and find one in Texas.  We only had two week to find a home.  Jim cleared his schedule and completely worked around our availability and helped us find the perfect home for our family.  He has also continued to support our needs with his wealth of professional contacts.   He continues to be a valuable resource, especially to us as we are not familiar with the area.  When our AC failed during a recent wave, Jim hooked us up and prevented us from having to wait several days for the repair.  You will not be disappointed with his service and kindness. ~Mike, Plano, TX

~When the real estate market hit rock bottom in 2010, I met Jim.  I was in my mid-20s and could not afford anything in California.  With an introduction from a friend in real estate, I flew to Dallas for a weekend and asked Jim to show me some investment properties.  Jim went above and beyond and showed me, in one day, 17 investment properties in the DFW area.  Jim quickly impressed me with his deep knowledge of the area and keen eye for investment deals.  Upon my return to California, I decided to purchase the ugliest property I saw that day, one with water all over the floor and a spartan, unkempt backyard.  Jim assured me there was no foundational damage and I trusted him.  Closing was a breeze because he provided solid contacts for loan and insurance agents.  He then managed this property and took care of everything from fixing it up to getting renters.  I have never had to fly back to Dallas and the property has been cash-flow positive.  Fast forward 8 years, I sold the property in 2018 and netted an eighth of a million dollars in profit.  The process could not have been easier as Jim found a solid buyer within days.  His style is all about getting things done, no fluff, just hard work.  During these 8 years of working with him, there were times when I struggled to understand what exactly is happening at the property because Jim can be brief in his communications and there is a two-hour time difference between us, but I quickly learned the tremendous benefits of his go-getting style: he would much rather spend the time getting things done quickly and well instead of paying lip service.  I never missed my window of opportunity because Jim works fast and he gets it done.  What more could you ask for in a real estate agent?!  Jim is a rare gem.  I would work with him again in a heartbeat. ~ J

~My husband and I have moved often. We arrived in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in 2003 and had a less than wonderful real estate broker. In 2012 we wished to purchase a lake home in east Texas and wanted to be sure that this time we had a truly fine agent. Jim Ryan was wonderful for us. He found us a house we loved. He did not push us to buy something more expensive than we could afford. He listened to our concerns and accurately answered all our questions. We were so pleased that we hired Jim as our selling agent for the home we were moving from. The most wonderful thing was that he did not push us in any way. He allowed us to take our time getting the house ready to sell. He gave sound advice about what needed to be done, but at no time did he rush us. When the right buyer came along, Jim was a true diplomat, negotiating the sale in such a way that we the sellers received a fair price and the buyers were also thrilled. In the process we have become good, good friends with Jim because he is such a fine person and a man of integrity. He will be our agent if we ever move again. ~ Sally & Burl

~We have known Jim Ryan, RE/MAX realtor since the fall of 2004.  Jim supported us in the purchase of our home in Prosper, TX making the transition from the Bay Area tolerable, as well as supported us during a very difficult time in our life.  Jim Ryan is very professional and well versed on the Dallas Metroplex for Real Estate.  He provided us real estate services including property location, building of our home, selection of interior and exterior, electrical design, inspection, forwarded computer generated pictures of various stages of the building process and much more.  He spent many untiring hours providing us the type of care that even we could not imagine.  Jim was always available and accommodating, always with a smile.  What a tremendous relief just knowing that Jim was there.  The financial and mental strain of flying into Dallas to handle selection of materials, electrical, as well as legal concerns were minimized since he was able to sort,fax or email us the information.  There are no words that will express our "Thanks and Appreciation" to Jim Ryan for his integrity, reliability and his untiring support.  Not only has Jim provided us with superior service, we simply cannot imagine our life without Jim Ryan in it.  We would definitely recommend Jim Ryan to anyone in the market for Real Estate.  He is honest, serious and dedicated to his mission in real estate.  Jim is well respected and known in the Dallas Metroplex, the banks and the Real EState circle.  ~ Angela

 ~Jim Ryan was instrumental in helping us find the home of our dreams. Not only did he locate exactly what we were seeking, but helped us buy the home for far less than its value. His suggestions for workers to aid in the repairs, upgrades and handyman work were excellent, reliable and reasonably priced. Jim will always have our business, buy or sell!!   ~ Lisa

~Jim was fantastic. Patient, available, and always prepared. It took us some time to find a house that was the best fit for us and negotiate through some difficult sellers, but Jim stuck with us and was always willing to listen to our concerns. Thanks Jim!   ~Kevin/Ilise

~Jim was always there for us during the home buying process, quickly returning our calls and professionally handling the situation. He helped make our dream a reality!!   ~ Katie

~The best part about Jim is he helped us buy the house best for us -- he didn't try to "sell" us a house we didn't want.  ~ Brenda